Visiting Fellowships


The EFORT Foundation Visiting Fellowships currently available


The fellowship is granted under the condition that an approved receiving host partner is willing to undertake hosting of the fellowship.

Please also note that the accepted fellow is personally responsible for taking care of any administrative or financial aspects of the fellowship such as insurance, vaccinations or visa as requested by the host and/or host country. These are not the responsibility of EFORT or EFORT Foundation.

Please also make sure that you have a valid work permit (if needed) to work in the host country which you would like to visit.

Yet, please remember to re-confirm with the host country’s authorities that your medical license is valid in that specific country. This applies especially to the countries which are outside European Union (EU). It is imperative to understand that EFORT and EFORT Foundation are unable to assist the fellow with the above matters and that they are entirely the responsibility of the fellow.

Visiting fellowship available in the field of total hip (with particular focus on anterior approach for THR), total knee replacement (with particular focus on patient matched technology for TKR) and shoulder (with particular focus on patient matched technology for shoulder).
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Visiting fellowships available for surgeons who want to advance their expertise in hip reconstruction.
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