The EFORT Foundation History

“The idea to establish EFORT Foundation came up for the first time at the beginning of 2008”, says Karl-Göran Thorngren, chair and initiator of this non-profit organisation. The project was then developed by the EFORT Executive Committee and was presented to the General Assembly in Nice. By the end of 2008, most of the bylaws were already drafted. The Foundation started soon to collect funds from donors such as institutions, industry and colleagues as well as from the public sector. EFORT Foundation was launched in 2009 and the first fellows visited host centres in 2010.

Besides raising funds and financing projects to accomplish its purpose, EFORT Foundation’s goal is also to develop networks and establish collaborations and partnerships with public and private institutions. All activities of the Foundation exclusively focus on fulfilling charitable, scientific and educational purposes.

The Foundation issues an annual report in order to publicly account for its activities as well as the assignment of donations and other funds. Every sponsor and donor is given immediate confirmation upon receipt of their donation. Major sponsors will receive a regular update according to the progress of target-oriented research projects carried out with their support. A possibility to raise funds from the private sector – besides campaigns like the famous “hip marches” – are legacies from former patients who want to support the development of this medical specialty.