Robotic Fellowship

About the EFORT Robotics Fellowship Programme

EFORT has launched the Robotics Fellowship Programme in September 2019 which is supported by Stryker. In spring 2020, a few fellows participated in our travelling and visiting fellowship programme. Then the entire fellowship programme came to a halt due to the pandemic.

The call for applications is now CLOSED, and we thank all candidates for their applications.

All applications are currently being reviewed and the outcome will be communicated to each candidate by e-mail in July.

To find out more about this programme and how to apply, please go to:

During the programme, accepted fellows will train in the wide range of robotic assisted hip and knee arthroplasty surgery under the supervision of distinguished surgeons with extensive clinical and academic experience in the joint replacement robotic field.

It is an excellent preparation for clinical practice outside of an academic environment. The fellowship programme is designed to provide the best and widest practical experience of Mako robotic orthopaedic procedures. The fellows will learn how to effectively integrate the technology into the day-to-day practice by “scrubbing-in” where possible in compliance with the host centre’s standard protocol.

For fellows with an existing experience in robotics, this is an excellent opportunity to gather further knowledge and experience in this field. Whilst experience in robotics is preferred, however, it is not essential if the applicant demonstrates appropriate experience and enthusiasm for the use of robotic surgery in their future career.

Check out the video testimonial from one of our past fellows, Veenesh Selvaratnam and read more about the travelling fellowship that took place in Spring 2020:

In case of questions, please contact