Applying for Grants

Who can apply for grants? 

The EFORT FOUNDATION intends to support colleagues who are successful and committed to their field of work or who particularly emphasise the needs in their area of specialisation. Any experienced European orthopaedic or traumatology researcher or surgeon who is a member of one of the National Associations can apply for grants, irrespective of the project idea relating to basic or clinical research.

Although the grants to be assigned by the EFORT FOUNDATION will be generally unrestricted in terms of an independent evaluation base, a preference for the funding of clinical research and method development projects might possibly occur at the beginning. Short-term and medium-term fellowships are designed to enable junior or young senior researchers to carry out research visits at renowned clinical centres or research institutions.

“We will try to identify the most promising and realistic proposals. But we would also like to consider the possible benefi t for the institution or the country where the applicant is working. In many European countries, travel funding is very low”, says Thorngren.

However, decisions will be based on quality, originality and research demand.